We do host our own live events in order for individuals to be able to experience our programming! We work in three different spaces to continue to understand how fear affects people of all ages! 


This intimate event gathers women to workshop their fears and goals to come out feeling eager, powered, and on-the-move.


The BOOM Lab is a confidence conference for rising 9-12th teenage girls held in NYC. The programming is uniquely tailored to help girls prepare to CRUSH their upcoming school year.


CRUSH IT kids is designed for little kids to be introduced to character programming in association with learning how to play a sport. 

"My favorite part of The Fear Workshop was working on personal development, but doing it in a fun and meaningful way in an intimate environment around others with similar intentions."

The FEAR WORKSHOP participant

"The BOOM Lab is a transformative experience for those that attend. Learning more about yourself and your fears leads ultimately to your own personal bravery. Girls and women transform before your eyes. It is amazing to not only participate but also to watch and experience these brave acts."

Coryn Griffeth
BOOM Lab facilitator

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