Move in your fear.

5 Tiny Acts of Braveness

bravery tips May 08, 2019

Being brave is not about doing something so grand or impressive. Being brave is about confronting the fear that comes when you get outside of your comfort zone.

You don’t need to go far outside of your comfort zone to be working your bravery muscles. Micro-acts of bravery are great for strengthening, toning and stretching.

Tip-toeing outside of your comfort zone is completely fine. In fact, it’s the tiniest of steps that help build the wonder and curiosity you’ll need to keep taking tiny steps. In the world of fear management, little IS big.

To help you start flexing, try these 5 Tiny Acts of Braveness

  1. Think of 1 thing that makes you great. Say it out loud. (It’s okay if no one hears you. You heard you, right?!)
  2. High-5 your partner, colleague, friend or child the next time you greet them. (Betcha it makes you - and them - smile)
  3. Do 5 jumping jacks naked before you hop in the shower. (So awesome)
  4. Make eye contact with someone in public. (Say something with your eyes)
  5. Be the first - to stand up, ask a question, offer a seat, say hello, say thank you. (what does it cause others to do / think?)

Notice your feelings before your tiny act and while you’re doing it. What do you feel physically? Emotionally? Is your heart racing? Are you anxious? Nervous?

Confronting these feelings is the whole point - they determine the rings of your comfort zone. And, you want to acknowledge them before, during and after your Tiny Act of Braveness.

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