You are busy. And, you want to keep growing, evolving, self-caring. You want to dig. Deep. You want to do work that causes a personal transformation. We design for you. 


Live and recorded videos will help participants connect to content and eachother.


Science-based research and work is organized on worksheets for immediate application and value.


Loyal and dedicated community of people who are also showing up to do the hard things.

"Anytime I can be in the midst of vulnerability and empathy, I am here for it! We grow when we share, and we need to know that we are not alone in the challenges we face."

Amber F.
participant, Group Coaching

TAG! You're it.

The Chase 2020 starts on March 20!

There is no time like now to dig through the emotional clutter and sort out what is making you afraid, still, stuck and stressed. It takes time to make room.

Never taken an online course? We hear you.  
Don't trust this kind of "coaching"? We feel you.

All we can say is this: We are a team of people who research fear in order to build effective programming to help people practice to feel more brave. 

We are as data driven as we are
obsessed with your potential.


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