Our work with women and men in college focuses on practicing assertive behavior both internally and externally. We are intent on helping 18-22 year olds develop a fear management system to empower them to confront fear.


Brave programming is tailored to sports teams / clubs / organizations that are pre-existing units looking to enhance interpersonal connection, enhance teamwork and develop leadership skills. 

Leadership Groups

At its foundation, Brave programming is about developing the internal / individual leader. Extended content focuses on social emotional skills (SEL) that determine courageous leaders.

Class- / Schoolwide

Introducing a large group of people to similar language, new skills and proven strategies to take brave action is a great way to kick off the year, shift culture, establish trust or build student leaders.

"The BRAVE program is a high-energy, intensive confidence building experience. Originally developed to transform the performance of athletes, the BRAVE team has found success in running their programs for groups outside of athletics as well. This program strengthens the presence and confidence of the GWI Scholars. "

Girls Who Invest

Programming Options

Here are the ways college groups typically use our programming.

Brave Session

For any cohort - those with existing and unifying identities or those gathering for the first time - a Brave Session helps to increase camaraderie, build pathways for communication and connection. 

Immersive Workshops

Extended programming that allows participants more time to explore and practice, more space to consider how to transfer concepts, and more opportunity to workshop practical and useful application.


Breaking down a large group of students in small groups to experience a Brave Session provides shared language and experience. Institutions find data insights useful to understand the fear profile of the whole.

"This program changes lives, guiding players to discover the possibilities of success, love, joy and the ability to reach big goals. Crista came to the Naval Academy and worked with my program and it was an amazing experience. Our players developed an awareness, a confidence and their way of being that translated into practice immediately and into the psyche of the way each of our players saw work and competition. This work is amazing, it's about transforming lives (teams), teaching players to be all in, and to compete hard with heart and courage. "

Cindy Timchal
Head Women's Lacrosse Coach, United States Naval Academy

Frequently Asked Questions

We work with groups as small as 20 and as big as 200, at the same time.

We can - and love to! - address a group in any size room that will hold the people in that group.

We have the capacity to do 4x 90-minute sessions each day in order to process a large group through intimate and smaller rooms. For very big groups, we can run 2 rooms of 4x 90-minute sessions per day.

90-minutes is the minimum time to allow for content delivery, though the bigger the group, the more time is necessary to get through content, with a maximum of 2.5 hours total for the biggest groups.

This total time INCLUDES a post-survey (4 minutes) and debrief (5 minutes).

We design our pricing around a standard group of 40 participants and scale from there. 

We offer discounts if more than one Brave Session is booked (multiple teams, clubs, cohorts).

Please email [email protected] for information on pricing.

Price includes worksheets, bracelets and a sticker for every participant. For the group leader, we offer a Brave Analysis based on the quantitative and qualitative data we take from pre- and post-session surveys.

The data collection allows us to provide useful insights on your group's feeling of self-reported personal bravery and confidence, comparative confidence and build a fear profile. This allows group leaders to help students work to build bravery relative to the fears they face. 


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