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29 [Feb 1]

29 days is a lot of time to make some shifts and changes, to adjust and to hack into yourself to rework habits, re-engage feelings and renew your commitment to crushing your life, your way.

The original instagram post that launched this event read:

I’m doing something crazy for 29 days because
^ I need a goal that’s good-hard
^ I want a team of brave badasses
^ I want to learn about my body right now
^ I need to light my light

If you want any of these things, join me. But, this isn’t for trying, this is for doing. So, be ready to DO shit. You know if you’re ready and you know if you’re not.

I’m ready because I am tired of being exhausted. I’m ready because I feel differently about everything and it’s all good and that energy needs a new kind of flame. I’m tired because I’ve been surviving each day, pivoting my business, unlearning a fuck-ton, and numbing myself in 75 different ways to wake up and do it again.

I am not a nutritionist or fitness expert or psychologist, so if you want a professional with guarantees, this ain’t your team.

If you want pretty documents and well-thought out shit, this isn’t that either.

I’m not gonna give all the answers, just an email each week to prompt you, challenge you and provide the guiding principles of the week. MAYBE, if shit gets fun, I’ll text you or organize a team meet-up.

What is it about?
It’s willpower practice.
It’s vulnerability practice.
It’s “I fucking did it” practice.

Food. Fitness. Meditation. Reflection. Love. Bravery.

Like a bio-hack and a soul-hack combined.

If you’re in, send me an email ([email protected]) with these things:
✔️ subject: first, last name
✔️ cell phone number
✔️ the most badass thing about you
✔️ why you’re ready/want to do this
✔️ code name you wanna go by for the next 29 days (told you this was gonna be fun)

I’m going for a pretty remarkable transformation of something. Maybe my ass. Maybe my skin. Maybe my confidence. Maybe my fashion. Maybe my depression. Maybe my life.

This shit is meant to be fun. We need each other. Well, I know I need you.

I’m here for you if you need me.

We start tomorrow.

We adjusted based on our first round and added an accountability cost.

But, this is the energy and spirit behind the experience.