you can do this. 

in times of uncertainty, like now, it’s important to focus on what you can control - your attitude, your curiosity, your time, your mindset. are you using this time to work on yourself?

the brave space provides tools, tips and guidance to train your mindset / character / bravery / confidence / hope /  zest / curiosity / creativity so that you can keep growing and improving in every environment. this is your time to invest in you.

who you are
a student. an athlete. a performer. a friend. disrupted.

Coaches/Teachers/Parents/Educators/Leaders: click here.

what we train
🔺a brave mindset to sharpen your mental game
🔺fear management system for stress and anxiety 
🔺authenticity with self and the link to leadership
🔺goal setting and process mapping
🔺competence, confidence, courage

what's in the space
library full of foundational brave content
🔺videos and live workshops led by Brave facilitators
🔺Brave gym with easy and hard, short and long Brave workouts to build your brave muscles
🔺live office hours with the Brave team and guest speakers
🔺a resource vault with journal pages, additional Brave classes, and Brave worksheets for outside practice
🔺a community of people in your shoes, facing your challenges, facing your fears and seeking community and support

how it works
the brave space is a membership site to support the thousands of kids feeling disrupted, disappointed and isolated  - first 3 months for only $19.99.

for teams/groups
we provide additional support and consulting to teams looking to build bravery together. If you are a coach interested in signing your team up, click here.

have questions?

drop your info below and we'll follow up with more information. 


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