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How do I increase my bravery if I'm stuck in my fear?

By using all of who you are to go after what you want.

The Chase is a transformative 8-week course for women who are ready to face who they are in order to go after what they want.

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL thru 10/18 $169

How do I know if I'm ready to face who I am?

I started Brave Enterprises because I knew what I wanted: To help people maximize their potential.

In researching fear, I have done the deep work that is required to fully understand what I am afraid of.

Here's what I've found:

I am afraid of my truth.

Facing my truth triggered incredible miniature emotional journeys. Each one steered me toward an honest experience with myself.

These honest experiences helped me name my hard truththe hardest thing I know for sure to be true about me.

Facing our hard truth is scary, but knowing it, turns on an engine inside of us. It empowers us to use our hard truth fiercely.

What is my hard truth?

That I am sad.

I struggle with depression. I was always very comfortable with feeling all the feelings, but not so great at turning the feelings into action.

I’d sit.
I’d stew.
I’d stare.

I’d wait until something drastic happened to pull me out of it.

I’d wait until my depression receded.

Eventually, I got fed up with waiting. More than being tired of feeling sad, I grew tired of feeling like I had no control.

All that waiting … for what?

Are you waiting for something to happen to you in order to move in your own life?

Stop waiting.

I’m going to teach you where to start digging and how to start chasing.

Who are you?
What do you want?

These are questions that I’ve been asking people to answer for the last 20 years.

These are the questions I am asking myself in my own head, in my journals and video messages.

Here's what I've learned: When you answer these consistently over time, you begin to make sense of the key categories essential to internal transformation,  which is the only thing that can lead to external action.

Internal transformation is hard. But *spoiler alert*: It's worth it.

Can you imagine WANTING challenge, wanting to take risks and wanting to be outside of your comfort zone?

Think of it this way: What would January 1, 2020 look like if you …
> Accepted your deep, true self
> Understood the power of your own failures
> Saw fear as an opportunity to be brave
> Had a plan to tackle a tough transition
> Faced your food issues, money issues, relationship issues
> Made resolutions that you knew you would keep

What would January 1, 2020 feel like if you knew exactly what you were chasing and why?
> It will feel like organization.
> It will feel like healthy closure.
> It will feel like a habit.
> It will feel like your breath alone in your body.
> It will feel like your soul settled.
> It will feel like your spirit on fire.
> It will feel like bravery.

Listen, I get it: Sometimes, fear can feel like excitement. And, yes - excitement can feel like fear.

After a lifetime of being told to not have fear, it makes sense that we might have our wires mixed up. Particularly for women, there is so much to unlearn / re-learn around feeling like we have to be perfect.

There is so much to unlearn / re-learn about feeling like we are not enough.

There is so much to unlearn / re-learn about fear.

It starts with knowing who you are. And from there, identifying what YOU want.

The most badass part? You guessed it: It’s The Chase. 

You become a badass when you begin chasing after what you want. 

"The Chase is a powerful interactive workshop made up of equal parts, guided self assessment, community, and badass coaching. Crista Samaras leads the group using Brave research and curriculum to summarize and simplify concepts in a format that makes sense and flows seamlessly into that moment of clarity. I came away feeling empowered to move forward and take the action necessary to create the results I want."

Kim D.

You are not alone. Join a motley crew of people who, like you, may be ...

... in transition - post-baby, post-divorce, post-job

... in transition - pre-baby, pre-divorce, pre-job

... grieving the loss of someone, something

... stuck

... sad or depressed or lonely

... want a coach to guide and push

... want a team to cheer and challenge

... have time

... have no time

... want to be ready to make big changes in 2020

I want to register right now!

Why am I so convinced this stuff is awesome?

Because we've worked with over 5,000 people.

In 100% of our in-person sessions, people have left feeling MORE confident and MORE brave. And that is just 2 hours worth of work.

Like any kind of routine, showing up to do this hard work pays off. It pays off in the amount of emotional weight you carry and how cluttered you are with feelings of overwhelm.

It's about developing a system to manage your fears - a mechanism to process all of the things that contribute to your interpretation of what is scary.

When you have a system of fear management, it's NOT that you are less scared, it's that you are MORE ready, capable and confident to be brave in the face of that fear. 


What is a System of Fear Management?

When you graduate from The Chase, you’ll find yourself wanting a challenge, wanting to take risks and wanting to be outside of your comfort zone.

Here's how we get there. I call it the SFM:


We'll define who you are based on all the parts of you that led you to this current time and place.


We'll uncover how the stuff you’re thinking / telling yourself pauses and/or propels you.


We'll discover your purpose for the goals you set and identify intention at each step of the way.

"Crista & Brave open a fresh view on opportunity, resistance and how we take action. The Chase, through the power of questions, and reframing, keeps you moving through the process of desire, fear, resistance and creation. "


You will develop a SFM in The Chase.

Here's what you get when you sign up for The Chase, an 8-week online course led by Crista Samaras and designed to help you build your own System of Fear Management:

Live Workshops

8 weeks of live workshops, led by Crista in a virtual classroom focused on being real, raw and ready (always recorded and available the next day).

Weekly Videos

Weekly videos from Brave Community Leaders and Chasers to keep you pumped.

Private Community

Instant access to a private community of Chasers devoted to doing the stuff that scares them.

Session Worksheets

Worksheets to fill out and follow that host your writing and your work, completely and privately held by you.

Effective Exercises

Practical SFM skill-building exercises designed to help you develop confidence at your core, practice outside of your comfort zone, and get hungry to face the flames of fear.

Deep Dive

A deep dive into all the years you’ve lived until now, giving you a chance to take inventory of all the uncounted and unused skills and experiences you have to use in the pursuit of what you want

Office Hours

Weekly office hours in the private community as well as with Crista personally - a chance to ask questions, get feedback, love, validation, and straight talk.

Text Nudging

Optional: Choose to receive pump up messages to your phone directly in order to keep you on track, digging and discovering.

"Crista and Brave offer important questions to help find yourself. There are some great lead up questions to warm you up - and she's the best cheerleader. She helps call yourself out in a supportive manner to learn about busting (or maybe BOOMING) through hurdles to be more confident and successful."

Sarah K.
School Leader

How The Chase works:

Nourishing elements of this experience.

Live Workshops

Weekly workshops with interactive chat features and real-time teaching via worksheets. All workshops are recorded and posted within 24 hours.

Skill-Building Exercises

The value of this course relies on the skills you build throughout the experience. Worksheets double as physical practice for emotional loops that need closing.

On-Demand Content

It can be hard finding time - even for self-love and care. So, when you can find it, content will be ready. Additional videos and bonus content available 24/7.

Community of Chasers

Private community of people who have self-selected into this course to do hard things who will be eager and ready to chat it up with their Chase-mates.

"I am very much still working it through. But knowing that THE CHASE is here, naming my fear, and owning my possibility gives me a lot of hope. The energy and spirit of this program is healing and powerful and Crista's voice -- the wisdom of her honest, brave, very raw and real process -- helps me find my own."

Princeton, NJ

The Chase Schedule

With the exception of the class kick-off live session on Wednesday, November 6 at 8pm EST, all live classes are held at 1pm EST, and are recorded and available for replay within 24 hours.

WEEK by WEEK breakdown:

The arc of the curriculum moves you a few times through your past, digging just enough to use the resources to start crafting a plan.

Weeks 1 & 2

A deep dive into big feelings of fear and failure. Knowing how those experiences have influenced the way you manage adversity is key to moving forward.

Weeks 3 & 4

Discover, name and own your own truth. It is the critical foundation of turning fear into fuel. Seeing yourself fully takes bold, brave action.

Weeks 5, 6 & 7

Establish the framework of continued action based on your belief in your own skill set so that you keep moving, keep trying, keep braving.

Week 8

Create an action map. Set yourself with specific, vetted and motivating resolutions you are ready and eager to chase.


8 weeks of content, including
> weekly live videos (recorded and posted within 24 hours)
> additional short videos to support on-demand viewing
> weekly emails (short) to keep you pumped
> active community space within the course
> optional text nudging to keep you fired up
> bonus journal pages

You definitely have to make the switch in your head. And, you have to know yourself.

Will you do this work on your own - especially when it gets hard?

We build in some really fun stuff - an engaged community, class messaging (no more than 2x per week), optional nudges you can receive directly to your phone, etc. 

The impact will be possible if you schedule the time.  

Schedule time to be present for the calls. Don't multitask or listen while you're driving, working, or doing something else.

Use the time as you fall asleep to think about things.

Spend the time commuting to work, making dinner, waiting for anything to consider the work. 

Make this time to invest in yourself and commit to the work in the course.

The more attention you give to The Chase (to yourself), the more you'll see the results you want most in your life.

With the exception of the first live recording on November 6 at 8pm, all live recordings will always begin at 1pm EST. They will mostly be on Wednesdays with the exception of the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas. For those two weeks, they will be on Mondays at 1pm EST.

Weds, November 6: Week 1, 8pm EST
Weds, November 13: Week 2, 1pm EST
Weds, November 20: Week 3: 1pm EST
Mon, November 25: Week 4, 1pm EST
Weds, December 4: Week 5: 1pm EST
Weds, December 11: Week 6, 1pm EST
Weds, December 18: Week 7, 1pm EST
Mon, December 23: Week 8, 1pm EST

The calls will be one hour. While we do our best to keep the calls to one hour, sometimes the calls go over because the topics and questions are so good. You can always hang up and listen to what you missed when the recordings are uploaded within 24 hours.

No worry. While there is value to experiencing the content in real time and with the community, the live videos will be recorded and viewable within 24 hours.

We are cynics, too. It's why we've built a company around proving that you can get brave in the face of fear.

This course is not about giving you facts, though the programming is based on thousands of data points.

We also pull a lot of data and include it so that you can see beyond your own anecdotal takeaways.

This course will help you develop new skills and remove all of the nutrients of your own life experiences so far to focus your efforts on what you do NEXT.

It is about building core confidence over time that comes from KNOWING answers to big questions about yourself. 

It comes from showing up for yourself - not once, but on the regular. 

Cynics are welcome - and understood here.

We talk about all of it. Imposter syndrome, core confidence, fake it 'til you make it, shame, guilt, fear, failure, feedback, self-worth, self-esteem, self-efficacy.

If you are talking with women in any space these days, these are the things that are top of mind and tip of tongue.

"The Chase gave structure to my thoughts and forced me to think really critically about key elements of my life and who I am. Writing these things down and speaking them aloud makes you realize what is truth and what is your own, warped internal narrative. "

Margie B.

The Chase Curriculum

Module 1: Fear & Failure: Understanding Your Comfort Zones

Live Class: Wednesday, November 6, 8pm EST

What are three things that scare you? What are two things you want to try? What is the last risk you took? In this introductory module, we lay the foundation for the language and pacing of the course as you ease into waters of asking deep questions of yourself. 

> understanding the thresholds of your comfort zone rings
> learning the value of your fear
> using lessons of your greatest failures

Module 2: Frame of Mind: Getting to Neutral

Live Class: Wednesday, November 13, 1pm EST

What are two ways you have to be brave every day? What are two ways you could be brave every day? This week focuses on your current to do list through the lens of past thoughts, behaviors and actions. Based on that inventory, you categorize personal characteristics evident in your fixed, neutral and growth states, and use that understanding to propel any to-do list item to action.

how to prioritize your to do list
the force of your fixed, neutral and growth states
how to effectively take action (get unstuck)

Module 3: The Hard Truth: Honesty With Self

Live Class: Wednesday, November 20, 1pm EST

What are your hopes? What makes you feel alive? What is the hardest thing to accept about yourself that is true of you? This is an X, Y, Z axis deep dive into who you are as a person right now in your life.

stating your hard truth
reciting your I AM statements

Module 4: Honest Self-Evaluation: Honesty About Self

Live Class: Monday, November 25, 1pm EST

What are two things you would do differently if you could have a do-over? When were you satisfied with the way things turned out? When did you put up the biggest fight of your life? This module organizes past endeavors to help shine a light on your current personal values and expectations.

> w
hat you want to focus on
> w
hat you will let go of
> w
hat makes you great

Module 5: Crush it Loop: Skill

Live Class: Wednesday, December 4, 1pm EST

What have you been good at? What are you good at? What do you want to be good at? The beginning of a 3-part series of creating centripetal confidence and centrifugal action, this module focuses on the skills (competencies) you’ve accumulated throughout your entire life.

different categories of skills
evidence of your own self-efficacy
your most useful skill

Module 6: Crush it Loop: Belief

Live Class: Wednesday, December 11, 1pm EST

What is good pain in your life? What is bad pain in your life? What is the last mistake you made that had horrible consequences? What is the last mistake that you made that had great consequences? This week focuses on how to begin building your confidence (belief in your competencies) by examining the many different ways our perception of things informs our belief. 

self and skill
worth and esteem
what you think, what you believe, what you know

Module 7: Crush it Loop: Action

Live Class: Wednesday, December 18, 1pm EST

What is one thing you want so badly that no one seems to understand? Why do you want it? Taking action is courage. Learning to braid together skill, belief and action into a never-ending, self-sustainable thought-behavior loop starts with an outline, continues with practice and builds on itself through transferable usage in real life. This module is about identifying where you can crush it and how to crush it on loop. 

Create your
risk list 
use cases
crush-it force

Module 8: GOSSIP: Goal Map

Live Class: Monday, December 23, 1pm EST

What are you chasing? Why is it important to you? The last module will be an active exercise in creating a map to follow. It will draw on all the personal inventory you’ve taken throughout the course and combine it with goal-setting science to devise a plan that considers the most important ingredients of optimism: That you believe you can affect change and pursue the things you want. You will arrive on the doorstep of 2020 with a goal that is vetted, a plan that is rooted in hard truth, belief in your skills, and the full value of the fear full leveraged.

your brave goal mapped
on The Chase


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