XTEAM is a brave space for girls who play sports.

The XTEAM membership provides the community, curriculum and accountability for you to build your A Game. It's sports skills for lifeIt's life skills for sports.

Chase all the stuff that matters. 

XTEAM is a supportive community to learn, practice and lock-in all-terrain life skills that will propel you as an athlete and as a person far beyond the boundaries of your sport.

From Crista:

"We want you to crush it out there. And we know you can.  XTEAM is about you knowing that you can."

Crista Samaras, Founder




community of ambitious girls who want to feel joy.


Coaches who value your self-worth and mentor your whole person.




Practice skills to grow confidence in your sport and your life.


From Taylor:

"This is a non-judgmental zone."  

Taylor Volmrich, member



XTEAM helps girls build themselves and their A Game.

Fortified girls bring their A Game to practice and to life. They are Aware, Accepted and Action-oriented. 


Being aware of yourself is the key component. You must know your strengths, and places you want to improve. It means being able to separate facts from feelings, and it rests on healthy comparison with peers.

You will be able to learn and practice in a space where people accept you for exactly who you are. This environment is unique and what our coaches take pride in offering to our community. And, through honest self-talk, loads of reflection, and the building of all-terrain life skills, the acceptance of self is the real win.

Goals! Goals! Goals! We know you love to take action, but in life it's not always linear and obvious. The goal here is to learn strategy in prioritization and pursuit, and diversify the actions you take.

The XTEAM community is growing

My game has 100% improved just because of my mindset, because of that I’ll never stop being grateful for all Brave Squad has done for me.

- Isabella, member

If I'd had access to the Brave programming throughout my younger years, I would have been able to face the little voices in my head that suppressed my confidence.

- Kylie Ohlmiller, expert

I’m so grateful for Brave Enterprises as I witnessed how my daughter learned to recognize and deal with her emotions on and off the field.  My daughter, who had been struggling with being positive and believing in herself, slowly began to transform this past summer as she met weekly with her teammates.  This group taught her that she is not alone in her daily emotional struggles and that opening up to others is important.

-John, parent

The BRAVE program was just what my freshman, in a new high school with new friends, needed.  The Brave program allowed my daughter to build self-confidence, go out of her comfort zone and unlock inner potential that was needed at this very critical time in her life.

- Kelly, parent

The Brave program made my daughter more confident and fearless both on and off the field. She was thankful for a community of like-minded girls and enjoyed having an accountability partner.  I highly recommend Brave Squad to other parents to give their girls more tools to navigate our complex world.

- Heather, parent

Frequently Asked Questions

Monthly Membership


what you get:

  • Your own Brave Squad & Squad Coach
    Your Brave Squad is your small community (team) with the XTEAM Membership. Your Squad Coach is the leader and mentor of the group and helps everyone stay on track. Your Squad and Coach will be assigned after you complete the XTEAM survey, which helps us to better understand you!

  • Accountability Partner
    This person will help support and motivate you and make sure you are getting the most out of the program (as you will for them). 

  • Monthly All-Terrain Skill
    Each month, you learn, practice, and execute a new all-terrain skill through the delivery of virtual workshops, expert interviews, and a live virtual training session led by Crista.

  • Brave Resource Library
    Content to review on your own that reinforces lessons learned and that allows you to dive deeper into a topic of interest.


A team for life. 

For the most important time in your life. NOW!