for high school and college students


1 ½ -  2 hour experience


Half-day immersive experience

Learn, practice and grow the character strength of bravery in a dynamic, energetic session. Participants will complete exercises that ignite personal insight, increase resilience and build confidence while facilitating genuine connection with their peers. 

Includes the Assembly experience plus a Leadership Module in which participants explore their strengths, weaknesses, values, motivations and desires through self-reflection and self-analysis in a transformative session.


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"My Game has 100% improved just because of the change in my mindset. Because of that I'll never stop being grateful for all Brave has done for me."

Isabella Odland, student-athlete

"The Brave program was just what my freshman, in a new high school with new friends, needed. It allowed her to build self-confidence, go out of her comfort zone and unlock inner potential that was needed at this very critical time in her life."

Kelly Parisi, student-athlete parent

"Brave is a well-crafted, energetic and mind-shifting experience that combines science around fear with physical action, covered with fun! Students left the session wanting to address different challenges and fears and they did! Thank you to the Brave staff for creating a brave space for the students to be and honor themselves."

Dwight Vidale, former educator, Riverdale Country School (NY)

"If you're looking to develop strong, vocal, self-assured leaders, you'll want to check out Brave Enterprises."

Chris Sailer, former head coach, Princeton Women's Lacrosse


You’re in good company.

Over the last 7+ years Brave has worked with over 200 clients and more than 20,000 high school and college students.



High School



We are currently booking experiences.

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