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Who are you?
What do you want?

The Chase is a transformative 6-week course for women
who are ready to face who they are to go after what they want. 


Internal transformation is hard. But, it's worth it.

"Brave opens a fresh view on opportunity, resistance and how we take action. The Chase, through the power of questions, and reframing, keeps you moving through the process of desire, fear, resistance and creation. "


The Problem with Fear

Fear grabs us and holds us right where we are. As women, we routinely find ourselves feeling stuck, confused, or in a fog about our life and/or identity. We are seeking connection, community and clarity.

The Chase will help you
🔺 design a plan for action;

🔺 take steps in the direction of your greater purpose;

🔺 take internal inventory of your thoughts, desires, and fears;

🔺 identify and circumvent your internal barriers;

🔺 feel supported among a tight community. 

"The Chase gave structure to my thoughts and forced me to think really critically about key elements of my life and who I am. Writing these things down and speaking them aloud makes you realize what is truth and what is your own, warped internal narrative. "

Margie B.

"The Chase is a powerful interactive workshop made up of equal parts guided self assessment, community, and badass coaching. Crista Samaras leads the group using Brave research and curriculum to summarize and simplify concepts in a format that makes sense and flows seamlessly into that moment of clarity. I came away feeling empowered to move forward and take the action necessary to create the results I want."

Kim D.

"I am very much still working it through. But knowing that The Chase is here, naming my fear, and owning my possibility gives me a lot of hope. The energy and spirit of this program is healing and powerful and Crista's voice -- the wisdom of her honest, brave, very raw and real process -- helps me find my own."

Princeton, NJ

"Crista and Brave offer important questions to help find yourself. There are some great lead up questions to warm you up - and she's the best cheerleader. She helps call yourself out in a supportive manner to learn about busting (or maybe BOOMING) through hurdles to be more confident and successful."

Sarah K.
School Leader

Crista will be your guide.

Crista Samaras is the founder of Brave Enterprises and designs all of our impact programming. She is intense. She is warm-demanding. And, she holds you to the expectations you set for yourself.

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