Activate your bravery.

Brave Sessions are what we are known for and the virtual experience is as incredible as the in-person sessions. It is practice for your bravery. It is stretching for your emotions. It is strengthening of your belief in yourself.

The Brave Session

It is a 60-minute virtual meeting on ZOOM that works you through our signature programming.

It includes
🔺 Session worksheet (PDF)
🔺 60-Minute LIVE Brave Session
🔺 Access to recording
🔺 Brave Badass T-Shirt
🔺 Brave concert band for your BE Word
🔺 Brave Analysis for your cohort

What you have to do:

[1] Register. 
[2] Fill out PRE-SESSION survey. 
[3] Print out worksheet. 
[4] Attend LIVE session.
[5] Complete POST-SESSION survey.

The Content

🔺 Brave Pitch
The session is built around the composition of your Brave Pitch, 7-lines that pull from your past, represent your present and launch you into your immediate future.

🔺 BE Word
This is the character strength you have inside that will get you to where you want to go. 

Research is a huge part of what we do. With virtual sessions now, this helps us understand if we are helping you feel more brave and more confident. We provide you with a Brave Analysis from your cohort so long as we can match data for more than 30 people.


Registration Options

You can register as an individual or with a group. Private Brave Sessions can be booked for groups larger than 25. Email [email protected] to schedule.


Stickies Series


The arc of the Brave Session takes you through exercises and reflection that hit on each of these major points, informing your Brave Pitch and nudging you beyond your comfort zone.

Ways to get more brave

In our work with nearly 10,000 people, we have found that these are the ways people get more brave. Our Brave sessions are packed with exercises that repeat and reinforce each.

Facing the truth of you is brave. Being vulnerable - even with yourself - is brave. 

Fear is personal. So, then, is bravery. Whatever you confront something that is personally scary (or hard) for you, you are taking brave action.

These do not have to be big gestures. Bravery is anything (even just a little) beyond your comfort zone. 

When you SEE someone do something you are scared to do, you get braver. When you see them do something you know THEY are scared to do, you get braver.

Courage is contagious.

Are you nervous?

This is completely normal. And, you wandered onto this website for a reason. AWhat is bravery? It's being scared, and doing it anyway. You are brave.

Questions & Answers

Email [email protected] for answers to questions not covered here.

Meet your facilitator.

Crista is a warm-demanding, power-packed, energetic pep talk master who has coached thousands of people to feel great about themselves and to accomplish things they never thought possible.

She has a lisp and she talks fast. But, wooaaaaah, does she make you feel ready to crush it.

She has scoured performance science, social and positive psychology, and spent four years measuring the impact of Brave's programming in real people. She has worked directly with athletic teams at UVA, Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Georgetown, Louisville, BU, Tufts, Trinity, Fairfield, Towson, George Mason, and Amherst.

Before that, she was a coach to high school girls with big goals to play lacrosse in college but who had the odds stacked against them. Year after year, she supported kids directly to pursue - and achieve - their dreams.

Now she coaches everyone - kids to adults - to bravely (and strategically) go after what they want with ALL of who they are.

She was a 3x All-American at Princeton University, and played in 2 World Cup Championships with the US Women's National Team. She is a keynote speaker charged often to pump up in-person or virtual crowds. 


Email [email protected]