Work through your stuff.

It's been a hard year.

You want to talk?
You want to listen to other people's stories?
You want to heal?
You want to get to the root of darkness or sadness?
You want to feel your power again?


Next Session: December 2021


Daily email with questions and prompts for 29 consecutive days. You have interaction via email and text with Crista, but you remain anonymous to all other members of the group.


Additional weekly small group ZOOM calls on Sunday evenings: 5/9, 5/16, 5/23, 5/31. Each call is accompanied by a worksheet and one of our Brave Insights sessions.


In your inbox.

Daily emails open with a powerful story, or recollection. While Crista authors the emails each morning, she oftentimes includes an incredible tale told by a 29er.

The most impactful and dense part of the daily email is the collection of answers to previous days' questions. These are aggregated and compiled to show volume of answers, allowing 29ers to see themselves (code names) and to be with the community in their answers.

The community is thus contributing to so much awareness of how they are alike, how they are in pain, how they seek to heal.

Each day, there are a pair of new questions that close the email, kicking off another cycle of reflection and sharing.

Every email is answered, and many replies include more questions and discovery.

By 8am each morning, there are new stories told, reflections unfolding separately, just to come together to help everyone make sense of it all.


What to expect?
Daily questions. Sharing as your Code Name. Heavy focus on making choices, consistency, vulnerability / bravery, community. The work is yours, but we are sharing the experience. Anonymity.


These are group sessions for those people who want real-time, face-to-face (ZOOM) sessions to work through organized frameworks on the way to real clear personal insight. These are intimate, safe space with expectations of confidentiality. 

How it works

[1] Register for the event
[2] Fill out google form (provided) 
[3] Make room to spend 5 minutes a day
[4] String together 29 days


[1] We work in 7 day blocks (M-Sun)
[2] You select your own themes / goals, and make choices for every block via google form
[3] You reply to questions in daily emails and texts.

Choose a Code Name

The community responses are shared and credited to you, but as your anonymous code name. Previous participants include:

🔺 Blue Wildflower 🔺 Belle 🔺 Rocket! 🔺 DreamBig 🔺 Mermaid 🔺 Bham Babe 🔺 Mario 🔺 Leo 🔺 Phoenix 🔺 Hunnicutt 🔺 <3Porsche 🔺 kk1189 🔺 BTB 🔺 GirlPower 🔺 VirGoMom 🔺 Maverick 🔺 TripleS 🔺 Pickles 🔺 Sparkly Cowgirl 🔺 catchy 🔺 Wonder Woman 🔺 JB 🔺 vagabond 🔺 Crushed Red Pepper 🔺 Gangster Chick 🔺 muffin 🔺 Noodle 🔺 Jammy 🔺 Ali Berry 🔺 Bia 🔺 Momlete 🔺 Alexandria 🔺 BrownEyes 🔺 Fuzzy 🔺 Magee 🔺 Stellaluna 🔺 DELCO 🔺 ocean 🔺 sharkbait 🔺  twenty-two 🔺 arrowhead 🔺 gold 🔺 birdie 🔺 TheIrishYoda

Questions & Answers

Email [email protected] for answers to questions not covered here.

The woman listening.

Crista is a warm-demanding, power-packed, energetic pep talk master who has coached thousands of people to feel great about themselves and to accomplish things they never thought possible.

She has a lisp and she talks fast. But, wooaaaaah, does she make you feel ready to crush it.

She has scoured performance science, social and positive psychology, and spent four years measuring the impact of Brave's programming in real people. She has worked directly with athletic teams at UVA, Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Georgetown, Louisville, BU, Tufts, Trinity, Fairfield, Towson, George Mason, and Amherst.

Before that, she was a coach to high school girls with big goals to play lacrosse in college but who had the odds stacked against them. Year after year, she supported kids directly to pursue - and achieve - their dreams.

Now she coaches everyone - kids to adults - to bravely (and strategically) go after what they want with ALL of who they are.

She was a 3x All-American at Princeton University, and played in 2 World Cup Championships with the US Women's National Team. She is a keynote speaker charged often to pump up in-person or virtual crowds. 


Email [email protected]