The Brave Team

Crista Samaras

Founder & Program Designer

Crista Samaras is the Founder and CEO of Brave Enterprises.  A graduate of Princeton University, Crista was also an outstanding lacrosse player. She was a three-time All American, three-time All Ivy League selection and two-time Ivy League Player of the Year and played for the US Women’s Lacrosse Team from 1995-2007 (winning gold and silver medals at the 2001 and 2005 World Cup Games respectively). Prior to founding Brave Crista coached thousands of high school athletes for over a decade expertly weaving together the physical requirements of the sport with the mental skills coaching that would serve as the foundation for the company. Passionate, intelligent, authentic and vulnerable, Crista is a master educator who connects with junior female athletes both virtually and in-person to enable them to lock-in all-terrain life skills to excel both on and off the field.

Crista Samaras.
New York City.
I am bold.
I am curious.
I surprise.

7-Line Brave Pitch
We've coached thousands of people in our programs and everyone builds their Brave Pitch. It's our signature tool to activate Brave action.


We have accumulated an incredible team of individuals who are in it for the kids.  Everyone on the Brave Team is trained to help members use bravery as a lever to build and grow all-terrain life skills


Experts are accomplished former athletes and/or skilled professionals who teach workshops and training sessions for the entire XTEAM community. 

Holly Austin.
North Carolina.
I am offense.
I am loyal.
I care.
BE resolute.

Jessica Adam.
Los Angeles, CA.
I am sensitive.
I am grateful.
I am joyous.
BE love.

Kylie Ohlmiller.
Stony Brook University.
I work hard.
I have flair.
I am a dreamer.
BE a rockstar.


Coaches are the leaders and mentors of the individual Squads (small group communities).  They make sure everyone on the team is getting the most out of the program and staying on track.  Coaches undergo rigorous background checks, are highly trained in Brave programming and are diligent and demanding yet also empathetic and compassionate.

Jasmine Docal.
I am capable.
I am sunshine.
I do the work.
BE the engine.

Jackie Kleinhans.
Edgartown, MA.
I am curious.
I am hard working.
I am where my feet are.
BE whole.

Ashley Boles.
West River, MD.
I am resilient.
I am shining.
I am worth it.
BE purposeful.

Michele Ruth.
New Zealand.
I am ocean energy.
I am grounded barefoot. 
I am off-road.
BE synergistic.

Kate Brownson.
Lebanon, PA.
I am a trailblazer.
I am business.
I am happy.
BE steady.

Sarah Fisher.
New York City

I explore.
I connect.
I show up.
BE patient.


Brave programming specialists.

Monique Achu.
Dallas, Texas.
I am growing.
I believe.
I am worthy.
BE disciplined.

Chantel Hatton.
The city of brotherly love.
I am muscle.
I am mindset.
I am the competition.
BE Fully Equipped.

Matthew Harris.
I am beast.
I am love.
I am a mural.
BE intentional.