We are obsessed with potential.

Our mission is to craft practice-based programming that will inform brave-inspired behaviors for people who want to make a habit of taking action.

Crista Samaras.
New York City.
I am bold.
I am curious.
I surprise.
BE boom.

Founder & CEO
[email protected]

Katie Carroll.
Jax Beach, FL.
I am fair.
I am home.
I grow.
BE solid.

Research Analyst
[email protected]

Jasmine Docal.
I am capable.
I am sunshine.
I do the work.
BE the engine.

Director of Operations
[email protected]

Holly Austin.
North Carolina.
I am offense.
I am loyal.
I care.
BE resolute.

Director of Bus. Development,
[email protected]

Our work is iterative.

Because we are in the field consistently facilitating programming that we also design, and in which we measure impact, we are in tune with what works to help people practice outside of their comfot

Jessica Spadafora Boone.
Richmond, Virginia.
I am loved.
I am discovering.
I listen.
BE unforgettable.

Amber Field. 
Harlem, NY. 
I am equipped. 
I am empowered. 
I am blessed. 
BE bold.

Annie Zhai.
New York City.
I am creative.
I am optimistic.
I am quiet.
BE patient.

Monique Achu.
Dallas, Texas.
I am growing.
I believe.
I am worthy.
BE disciplined.

"The Brave team really brought the energy, adapted throughout the experience, and worked to ensure that every participant walked away enriched in some way. "

Peter Sanneman
Director of Campus Ministry, Bishop McNamara High School

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