The Chase is Brave's immersive programming brought to you online. This 8-week course will include live and recorded videos, tools, tips, resources and a ton of practice.


Live and recorded videos will help participants connect to content and eachother.


Our science-based research and work is organized for immediate application and value.


Loyal and dedicated community of people who are ready to show up to do hard things.  

"Difficult, but also affirming. The community is really open and supportive."

Louisa S.
participant, The Chase: August

The Chase

The Chase is is an 8-week course that will help you use ALL of who you are to go after what you want. Each week of content is designed to ignite discovery, understanding and personal action.

"If you want to take inventory and dig deep to workshop your fears, while being guided by a real and honest motivational expert, this is the program for you."

Michele R.
participant, The Chase: June

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