Get unstuck.

Dig. Understand. Re-constitute. Get reps.

Brave coaching is like having the trust of a life coach, the intimacy of a therapist, and the structure of a good personal/professional development program. But, it's also like having the marching band, the cheerleading squad and best team of players all in your pocket to support you as you go.

I want a brave coach!

Brave Coaching Packages

We offer three packages to help you where you are.

The Pep Talk

Two potent weeks that includes two meetings separated by a 3-step plan to get you unstuck and taking strong steps forward.

The Confidence Boost

Four weeks of structure to establish consistency, scaffold your spirit, and help you move through or prepare for something hard.

The Changemaker

12 weeks of dedicated support with weekly meetings to help you shift your mindset to serve your goals.

What is Brave coaching?

🔺 It is an incredibly empathetic, supportive, charismatic and powerful support system targeting your potential.

🔺 It is for people who want a warm-demanding coach and who are hungry to make changes, try things they have not tried before.

🔺 It is smart, robust, thoughtful and so damn inspiring that you will never feel better.

🔺 It is not fluff or bs. It is straight up, straight in, straight on.

Who needs a Brave coach?

You need a coach to grow, to cheer you on, to teach you things you don't already know, to show you the arc of improvement, to help you set, plan and pursue your goals.

You need a Brave coach if you want the full attention of a powerful force to help you focus fully on the obstacles in your way. These obstacles are most often internal and they are holding you back, pulling you down and keeping you right where you are.

What if I don't have a clear goal?

If you are in transition and have not yet figured out what you want, we will start working to sort out who you are. We call it the dig before the chase.

Crista is your Brave Coach.


Crista is a one-of-a-kind motivator who has inspired thousands of people in her life so far. 

She went to Princeton University and failed out. She was a lacrosse superstar and played in two World Cup Championships. She ran a national club team for girls that helped hundreds of kids get recruited to play lacrosse in college.

She started Brave Enterprises in 2016 and has since worked with over 200 groups and 10,000 people refining the programming she uses to help people go after the things they want.

In 1005 of the sessions she facilitated, people left feeling more brave and confident than before they entered the room.

Crista is funny, authentic and fiercely honest. She is a warm-demanding coach who is the most creative motivator you will ever meet.

She pushes. She pulls. She rolls her sleeves up and gets in it with you.

What distinguishes her style the most is her epic blend of curiosity, empathy and energy. 

She is obsessed with potential - hers, ours, yours.

Limited spots.

Crista works with a maximum of 4 individual clients at any one time. Fill out the form below and we will contact you immediately with more information.

I want a brave coach!