We want to help people take inventory of their fear(s), be able to tell their stories confidently, and to want to try things that are outside of their comfort zones.

PD Experiences

We offer a 90 minute session to get people moving, learning new language, telling their story and doing things they've never done with their colleagues. It's fast, fun, wild and reflective without unwanted personal exposure. 


Bravery is a muscle. Recurring sessions work for companies that hire frequently and want Brave to be a part of on boarding process, or that want to provide ongoing practice opportunities for employees to flex social emotional muscles,


Brave is a great introduction to intensive community sessions. It functions as foundational programming for team connection, helping groups increase conversational pathways and load individuals with content.

"The two-hour workshop that Crista ran for the women at our law firm was fabulous and received rave reviews from the crowd. It is TOTALLY interactive: Everyone is asked a series of questions that zero in on things that make us feel, for example, confident, fearful, uncomfortable, most alive. Crista and her excellent team then demonstrate through fun (and sometimes loud) exercises, that everyone then immediately does, how to confront, get more comfortable with, and then work through one’s fears/obstacles. The workshop is both personally rewarding and thought provoking, while at the same time being a wonderful (and yes, really fun) bonding experience for the group. I have attended many talks and workshops over the years and found this to be among the most impactful and engaging."

Mary Beth Hogan
Partner, Debevoise & Plimpton, LLC

Frequently Asked Questions

We work with groups as small as 20 and as big as 200. For motivational speaking, we present to audiences of any size.

Our session is designed to be 90 active minutes. With larger groups, we prefer to extend the time to ensure everyone is getting good reps. 

Price available upon request. This would rely on group size and type of work.

"Shake up a champagne bottle and then pop the cork...and you get Crista and the Brave session. The energy is contagious and really brought our group together while exploring our own individual insecurities. It was unlike any other team building session that I have been a part of because it not only brought our group together in support of one another but it also worked on each person as an individual. We came away from the session with new discoveries about ourselves and a mutual respect of each other in our most vulnerable moments."

Alison Burkett
Partner, Snowden Lane Partners

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