Learn how to set, map and chase your big goals.

The Brave Intensive is a 6-week program for college-age students who want potent coaching support as they pursue goals. This course focuses on physical, emotional and mental strategies that make up the "work smart" part. of going after big goals.


The Brave Intensive

This 6-week program is for college-age students who want to define, map and pursue two difficult goals.

Through working toward those goals, students will learn how to 
πŸ”Ί Most effectively set, map and pursue goals
πŸ”Ί Generate positive internal self-talk
πŸ”Ί Craft a personal and professional pitch
πŸ”Ί Honestly self-evaluate
πŸ”Ί Build confidence
πŸ”Ί Practice failure
πŸ”Ί Ask for help
πŸ”Ί Take responsibility
πŸ”Ί Crush it in their life 

How it works

[1] Apply. 
[2] Have an interview. 
[3] Prep for the start on July. 
[4] Participate fully in program runs from July 20-August 30.
[5] Complete final call with Crista the week of September 21.


πŸ”Ί DAY 1
Participants set two goals they will actively pursue within the 6-week Intensive period.

πŸ”Ί WEEKS 1-6
Each week includes 3 meetings - big group, small group and Individual sessions with Crista.

We pack this with learning and practicing strategies to 
βœ…  manage fear and obstacles
βœ…  spend time and conversation to rearrange thought habits that lead to stress, anxiety or more fear
βœ…  get more specific on the goal itself as well as the solutions to obstacles along the way
βœ…  ask for help to buttress physical, emotional, mental efforts as fatigue and/or frustration swell

Participants will have a 1-month follow up call with Crista to report progress and results of independent following the intensive. This is to ensure retention and transfer of strategies.

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Goal setting is the new resilience training.

Every person will be working toward two different goals that they can pursue with measurable progress throughout the weeks of the intensive. One goal is physically based so that we can reinforce basic goal-setting strategies that are often lost when bigger, broader goals are chased.

Physical Goal

The physical goal gives you a way to understand cumulative power of repetition and allows you to feel benefits of work. This goal will offer immediate and measurable validation of hard work paying off to keep spirits up.

Brave Goal

This goal is something timely that you want to get after right now. It should require bravery, time, resources, hard work and strategy to pursue. This goal will provide the pressure to establish new thought and behavior patterns.

Apply for a spot.

Spots are limited to 10 total people. After you complete this application, you will be contacted for an interview. If selected, you will have two days to accept your spot. 

The Brave Intensive begins on July 20.


What does it mean to train your underdog?

Training your underdog is a term Crista has been using for more than 20 years of working with people to help them achieve big goals. There are four elements of the underdog:

1. They chase.
The underdog is going after something hard and scary, and they really want it. 

2. They work hard.
Underdogs are not supposed to win so they know that hard work is the least they have to do. 10,000 hours.

3. They expect obstacles.
Strategy is a huge piece of goal-setting and it's a critical element of being in pursuit. Know what you will do when you encounter hard things along the way is the underdogs secret weapon.

4. They demand risk.
Underdogs know that practicing, preparing and performing under pressure is the key to growing skill and confidence in action.

Are you an underdog?

Do you want to learn how to apply an underdog mindset to go after your biggest goals?


Questions & Answers

Email [email protected] for answers to questions not covered here.

Why did we develop this intensive?

Because college-age people 
πŸ”Ί are scared but don't know how to manage their fears of failure, loss, rejection, social anxiety, etc
πŸ”Ί are disrupted from routines and communities that help to propel action, confidence and joy
πŸ”Ί are desperately seeking to feel more confident and worthy as individuals instead of feeling like they are not enough
πŸ”Ί are bored of sitting through online lectures
πŸ”Ί are ready for honest feedback to help them improve
πŸ”Ί want a coach to be in their corner
πŸ”Ί need support as they learn how to go after big goals 
πŸ”Ί want to crush it in their lives


Meet Crista, your coach.

Crista is a warm-demanding, power-packed, energetic pep talk master who has coached thousands of people to feel great about themselves and to accomplish things they never thought possible.

She has a lisp and she talks fast. But, wooaaaaah, does she make you feel ready to crush it.

She has scoured performance science, social and positive psychology, and spent four years measuring the impact of Brave's programming in real people. She has worked directly with athletic teams at UVA, Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Georgetown, Louisville, BU, Tufts, Trinity, Fairfield, Towson, George Mason, and Amherst.

Before that, she was a coach to high school girls with big goals to play lacrosse in college but who had the odds stacked against them. Year after year, she supported kids directly to pursue - and achieve - their dreams.

Now she coaches everyone - kids to adults - to bravely (and strategically) go after what they want with ALL of who they are.

She was a 3x All-American at Princeton University, and played in 2 World Cup Championships with the US Women's National Team. She is a keynote speaker charged often to pump up in-person or virtual crowds. 


Email [email protected]