We see you being brave.

Fear is real. Moving in your fear is hard. We can help.

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The extra push
you need.

Apply for a spot in The Brave Intensive, a 10-person team led by Brave Founder, Crista Samaras. 

In weekly group meetings and private sessions with Crista, determine your goal, map it out and get in pursuit.

Crista will use goal-setting science as well as her potent warm-demanding coaching style to motivate, inspire and get you making sustainable mindset shifts that will make the difference now, and forever.

For: College-age students
How: Apply, then interview
When: Starts June 20



🔻Brave coaching is guidance, inspiration, and warm-demanding support as you pursue a goal that matters to you.

Pick among packages designed to help you get unstuck, get you to the finish line, or to train your mental framework along the way to something that takes more time.

The focus is on building confidence and emotional habits that help you as you chase this goal and every one after it.

Pep Talk: 2 weeks
Confidence Boost: 4 weeks
Change Maker: 12 weeks

I want a brave coach!
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Core confidence starts with knowing the answers to big and small questions about yourself. This is an online reflection experience that gets you feeling fortified. 

Who doesn't want more confidence?

Get it!
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