Brave your fear.

#11 Amelia Christensen - Butch of Center

Feb 22, 2018

Amelia Christensen.
Brooklyn, New York.
I am sensitive.
I am intense.
I am in flux.
BE enough.

Badass Quotes:
> “We have a particular way of communicating with one another and usually       feelings are left out of that.” 
> “We were so close growing up, it’s kind of like when you plant trees too close together and they grow around each other.  
> “I’m moved by teamwork.” 
> “I have scars in a lot of places.” 
> “I was the butchest child.” 
> “I was looking for ways to explain what I was feeling.” 
> “Allowing myself to be seen by the people in my life fully has made it a lot easier to feel comfortable.”
> “I got drunk and played on some dude’s piano in the subway like 6 months month ago.” 
> “Being able to tell somebody that you’re hurting and that it’s hard right now is sometimes all it takes to feel just a tiny bit lighter.” 

Podcast Intro:
As a person who struggles with depression and anxiety, Amelia Christensen’s life has been a rollercoaster of figuring things out inside her brain and her soul. She is tough. She is sensitive. She is a carpenter. She is a millennial. And, she sees numbers as colors.

Official Bio:
Amelia Miyuki Christensen is a Brooklyn based, process oriented designer and fabricator. Her passion lies in creating forms from wood. [more ...]

Biggest Takeaways
> What is a fabricator? How did her passion for wood begin? 
> How she found out she had depression 
> Self-harm as a coping mechanism
> How imagining the future was a turning point 
> What “gender non-conforming” means 
> When she knew she was cool
> Advice for people in the thick of depression 
> Anxiety as evidence of wanting to live 
> Living with Synesthesia – colors as numbers 

Major Conversation Highlights: 
 Why 13-22 years old was hard time for Amelia 
> When she lost her sh#t 
> What makes her cry 
> What “emotional overwhelm” is 
> Amelia’s coming out story
> What Crista was like as a coach 
> How does someone with depression keep going? 
> Why she is open about menstruation 
> Amelia’s 7 line Brave Pitch 

Social Media:
Instagram - @dykes_lumber

Science & More Info:
Brene Brown

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