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#32 Patti Phillips - The Leader's Leader

Mar 16, 2021

Patti Phillips.
I am resilient.
I am driven.
I am a possiblitarian.

Badass Quotes:
🔺 “If you have a growth mindset, which means you believe you’re coachable, you believe we are always growing, learning, and becoming better so that failure - or whatever that actually means - is part of it.”
🔺 “I think most people are afraid because they associate fear with failure.”
🔺 ”I am a person and a leader, where I am in motion. I want to learn by doing.”
🔺 “I am not afraid of trying.”
🔺  “As coaches, we push our teams and we push individuals to the version of themselves that they can’t yet see or to the version of the organization or the event that is not yet seen. That's our job, is to see beyond.”
🔺 “People pushing to create something where there wasn't - I am fascinated by that. Athletes push themselves that want to go to the Olympics or they push themselves to run a 4 minute mile or they push themselves to do what actually was impossible until someone does it. And then it’s very possible.”
🔺 “I am a massive believer in human potential.”
🔺 “Almost every routine that I had was turned upside down on its head. The one that wasn’t, that was game changing for me, was my morning routine.”
🔺 “I set my energy with intention every day, and I am not perfect every day.”
🔺 “Every morning I am praying and intending for the thoughts, words and actions that will move me to be the best version of myself and the best leader I can be every day. And then I try to reflect on that every night. That’s how you get better.”
🔺 “I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t choose optimism. It is a choice. Your growth mindset is a choice and so I choose it every single day.”
🔺 “I have to work on my optimism and energy every day because life is hard.”
🔺 “It is hard to lead."
🔺 “Leaders want to have a vision and put a plan together and get in motion.”
🔺 “I think we are all here for a reason and I want to be purposeful and reach that potential. I feel like it is my responsibility and my right.”

Podcast Intro: 
Patti Phillips is the CEO of Women Leaders in College Sports. Her life’s work - and the mission of this robust and growing organization she has been running for over a decade - is to develop, connect and advance women in college sports. She played ball in college, was a color analyst on TV, and went on to live her childhood dream of being a coach. Now, she is a knockout keynote speaker, a possiblitarian, and a leader who leads leaders.  She values hard work. She overflows with passion. And above all of the powers she packs, Patti Phillips is a woman of action. As she says, leadership is hard. But hard doesn’t scare Patti. Not one bit. [more...]

Big Takeaways: 
▪️ How having a growth mindset helps combat fear
▪️ Why value and belief in excellence transfers into everything she does
▪️ What it means to be a possibilitarian – truly believing that anything is possible

▪️ Why passion is important, but action is vital

Why she no longer works out in the morning
▪️ How she makes the choice to have an optimistic mindset

▪️ Why leaders must be resilient

Major Conversation Highlights: 
🔺 Living with an autoimmune disorder comes with some fear 
🔺How Patti leads a team to excellence 
🔺Why 2020 was the most challenging year of Patti’s professional career
🔺Patti’s morning routine - spiritual, mental, emotional, physical
🔺Why she struggles to have patience with people who choose not to improve 
🔺Current status of college sports
🔺How best to lead right now

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Key Links​​
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TEDx Ashburn: Zone of Possibility

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