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#14 Murray Hill - Showbiz!

Mar 14, 2018

Murray Hill.
New York City.
I am chubby.
I am nice.
I am here to make a difference.
BE funny.

Badass Quotes:
 “I’m a little different than the other guys.” 
> “That’s for the memoir.” 
> “I’ve had a lot of great teachers along the way.”
> “I’m not like the other girls.” 
> “I love camp. I love humor. I love getting to the political stuff without - through disarming and laughter at assimilation – rather than scaring the shit out OF people."
“I became the subject matter.” 
“I’m post-gender. I’m like D. All of the above.” 
> “I will put myself in a crazy vulnerable situation and I’ll just do it.” 
“That’s my job. That’s what I set out to do. Raise the visibility.” 
“I’m presenting as this very confusing thing - it’s all over the place.  They come out laughing rather than scared and wanting to discriminate.” 
> “I’ve been resilient my whole life. I’m half Irish-half Italian.” 
“Sometimes, I have found over the years, that when you’re in between something, that’s like a fear spot. I think the comedy kind of came out of making that nice, for myself and for them, for people.” 
> “I don’t just fit one thing, so I don’t put any labels or words before Murray.”
“The women call me daddy. The kids call me Papi.” 
> “If you don’t see yourself represented, go out and represent yourself.”

Podcast Intro:
Murray Hill is an icon, with a career that pays homage to the culture of clubs and comedy of the 1960s, packed with the camp and charisma of the 1990s NYC drag scene. Murray’s show is performance art turned lifestyle, pure entertainment turned queer visibility. Murray Hill is a comedian. Murray Hill is an activist. Murray Hill is showbiz.

Official Bio:
MURRAY HILL is a NYC legend, comedian, host, and international entertainer. Mr. Showbiz is renowned for his improv, quick wit, and sparkly (but too tight) tuxedos. He’s been flexing his comedy chops touring with comedian/singer BRIDGET EVERETT and was just awarded The New York Voices commission from Joe’s Pub at The Public Theater. [more ...]

Biggest Takeaways:
 Showbiz as a coping mechanism 
> When Murray knew he was gay 
> An obsession with performance art
> “Pinch me” moments for Murray 
How Murray identifies 
> How to do the act regardless of audience reaction 
> Where Murray’s act came from 
> Harassment on the street is real 
> Murray’s first kiss 
> Hardest / Best thing for Murray in the last year 
> What makes a good fan 

Major Conversation Highlights:
 Coming up with the name Murray Hill 
> Why Murray cried after moving to NYC 
> Two Big Epiphanies for Young Murray 
> Drag King Pageants 
> How are kids different today than in 90s 
> Bravest thing Murray has ever done
> Murray’s type of woman
> Gay-bashing then vs. now 
> Murray’s 3-strike rule
Queer community infighting 
> How do kids have it tough today 
> Murray’s 7-Line Pitch

Social Media:
Instagram - @murray_hill

Additional Links:
Murray Hill Website


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