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#15 Theresa Sherry – She Plays to Win

Mar 21, 2018

Theresa Sherry.
Truckee, California.
I am driven.
I am thoughtful.
I am learning.
BE ready.

Badass Quotes:
> “My teams were my families.” 
> “I didn’t know what I didn’t know.” 
> “I think striving for excellence rather than perfection is the way to go.” 
> “I’m over-scheduled.” 
> “If I see something that can be done, I want to do it the best.” 
> “I really hate losing.” 
> “I don’t play not to lose 
>  “People are my home.” 
> “I’m a champion because of the little moments that I overcome the hard stuff.”

Podcast Intro:
Theresa Sherry is a champion. She won a World Championship for the United States on the U19 team in 1999. She won 2 National Champions for the lacrosse team at Princeton, where she also played soccer for all four years. She started a business to grow the sport she loves along with the confidence of thousands of girls who play or have played in her programs. This is a woman who has BEEN through stuff, which she would say is what makes her the most ready for whatever is to come.

Official Bio:
Theresa Sherry was born in Truckee, California and grew up in Baltimore, Maryland as the oldest of Paul and Jan Sherry's 4 children. She was a 3x All-American at Princeton University where she won 2 NCAA Championships, 4 Ivy League Championships in lacrosse, and 3 Ivy League Championships in soccer. [more ...] 

Biggest Takeaways:
 Christian Science as helpful to mental toughness 
> Why she has the best job in the world 
> What intimidates Theresa
> What kind of coach is Theresa 
> Hardest thing she’s ever done 
> How Theresa gets “ready”
> What TENACITY is 

Major Conversation Highlights: 
Theresa singing national anthem 
> Tools for grieving
> Why she changed Tenacity from for-profit to non-profit 
> What keeps her going
> How sports saved her life 
> Favorite failure 
> Theresa’s 7-line pitch 
> How Theresa defies labels 

Social Media:
Instagram -  @tenacityproject
Twitter - @10acityProject

Additional Links:
The Tenacity Project


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