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#16 LaKisha Adams – Brooklyn Born

Apr 11, 2018

Lakisha Adams.
Venice, Italy.
I am a servant.
I am love.
I am light.
BE a blessing.

Badass Quotes:
 “I gotta figure out a plan to make this work."
> “Kids feel good when their mom is hanging around.” 
> “If ACS needs anybody, they need somebody like me.” 
> “Family is being surrounded by people who love and support you and who you love and support and it doesn’t necessarily have to be by blood.”
> “You may think I take ‘no’ but you believe I’m working on a plan.” 
> “My friends call me Siri.” 
> “I’m going to give up my comfort zone.” 
> “It’s not your mama’s Criminal Justice class.” 
> “Our history started pretty good before we were enslaved.” 
> “I’ve allowed myself to become an innovator.” 

Podcast Intro:
LaKisha Adams is a tried-and-true badass. She gave up her comfort zone for lent, that’s how badass she is. Kisha is the adoptive mother to three great kids who she fought hard and long to keep together – and she was only 26 when she did it! Born and raised in Brooklyn, she is the neighborhood kid who became a community leader. She is bold with her words, passionate about her relationships, ready for the rigor of tough conversations and loaded with the expertise one gets only from living it. 

Official Bio:
Lakisha was born and raised in Brooklyn and is a mom of three, raising her children in Brooklyn. Lakisha was educated by the NYC public school system and went on to earn her Masters Degree in Public Administration from CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice. With nearly 20 years of NYC service in various capacities, Lakisha has help developed many programs that have directly impacted some of NYC' s most vulnerable populations. Before her most recent promotion to Special Assistant in the Office of Juvenile Justice Programs and Services within the Division of Youth and Family Justice, LaKisha worked in the Department Policy Planning and Development for NYC Administration for Children's services. She is also an adjunct professor within City University of New York (CUNY), where she teaches Criminal Justice at the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC).  With roots deep in the Brooklyn community, Lakisha has served on non-profit boards, consulted for local grassroots organizations/start-ups and regularly participates in volunteer service projects.  Affectionately crowned the "Brooklyn Authority" by those who know her best, Lakisha is both an influencer and change maker that often serves as that bridge between the "Tale of Two Cites". She contributed to online media outlets and manages her personal blog as she "highlights small ways to make a huge difference in Brooklyn and beyond". 

Biggest Takeaways:
> Battling the foster care system 
> When your job serves your purpose AND your family 
> Why it was important to go to church 
> What is a vision board 
> How you overcome self-doubt 
> Transferable skills 
> Why she gave up her comfort zone for lent 
> Her favorite part of teaching 
> Importance of relationships and connecting with people

Major Conversation Highlights 
Why it’s important to keep family together 
> Hardest part of Mom-ing
> When God told her to change her attitude 
> ACS Fatherhood Program 
> 3 Best Parts of Kisha’s job 
> When Kisha was brave 
> Her Dream Team
> Her cross-country train trip
> How do we tackle racism? 
> Why people think Kisha is so brave 

Social Media:
Facebook - @bkkisha1
Twitter - @bkkisha
Instagram - @bkkisha

Additional Links:
Brooklyn Born Kisha - Personal Blog


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