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#17 Cathy Samaras – Mother of Six

Apr 18, 2018

Cathy Samaras.
I am energetic.
I am creative.
I connect the dots.
BE next, now.

Badass Quotes:
> “Why did I do it? Because no one else would.”
> “I wanted that and I figured out how I was going to get that.”
> “I was not the smartest kid in the class, but I could make things happen.” 
> “It was scary because we were giving up our independence, the right to decide the fate of our sport.
> “If I let them see how upset I am, then it will all be over.” (52:48)
> “I love challenges. I like to rise to the challenge. I like to create and innovate a different way to reach that challenge.” (1:02:30)
> “You just don’t have what you had 5 years ago.” (1:12:10)

Podcast Intro:
There is no one like Cathy Samaras. She is a sassy, smart and driven woman who has broken so many molds in her lifetime so far. She is my mother and the bravest person I know. She was a physical education teacher after college, started businesses as an outlet for her passion after she had kids, and stumbled into being one of greatest change agents in the history of women’s lacrosse. Her tribe is the family she built with her high school sweetheart, George. She is in-your-face. She always says what’s on her mind. She is a matriarch, a feminist, a wife, a mother and has a dedicated group of self-proclaimed hens she hangs out with regularly. Cathy has an unrelenting spirit, my mother is a geyser of innovative ideas and this Head Honcho – as she likes to refer to herself - is an undeniable beacon for authenticity.

Official Bio:
Cathy has been recognized by Sports Business Journal as one of the top 10 US executives influencing the future of women’s sports. She serves on the National Advisory Board of Connect Sports, the Boys and Girls Club of Annapolis & Anne Arundel County  and Chairs the Annapolis High School Alumni Committee for the Capital Campaign for Maryland Hall [more ...]

Biggest Takeaways:
 Where does her “spark” come from 
Growing up with alcoholic parents 
> Why activities outside of school were critical in 1950s 
> When Cathy changed her name to Kitty 
> Getting engaged to her high school sweetheart 
> Why she got into lacrosse 
> Where does her drive come from 
> Why she got 2 facelifts 
> What it’s like being 74 years old 
> What would be on her tombstone 

Major Conversation Highlights: 
> Why she kept on having kids
> City girl moves to the country 
> How 4H Club taught her organization
> The Greatest Teacher & his mischievous class 
> Different times Cathy was resilient 
> Hardest professional experience 
> Walking out of the house you built 
> Who she considers brave (58:30)
> Cathy’s 7-Line Brave Pitch (1:04:15)
> Describing her tribe one by one (1:13:15)

Social Media:
Instagram - @cathysamaras
Facebook - @cathy.samaras

Additional Links:
Thomas J Tereshinski – Cathy’s Favorite Teacher
Sue Chittim – Principal, Annapolis High School 

Nancy Schrum – Not My Child Program
Synapse Sports
CCLax Club Lacrosse


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