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#22 Jera Foster-Fell - The Accidental Influencer

Jun 27, 2018

Jera Foster-Fell.
New York City.
I am goofy.
I am creative.
I am driven.
BE confident.

Badass Quotes
“I’m really open about what I do, and my journey, and my life.”
“Usually people aren’t talking about pimples on their butt cheeks.”
“I felt grounded in my prior experience, and that gave me confidence.”
“If you’re just going to stay in a box and stay in your comfort zone the whole time,> there is not much to discover there.”
“I feel rested and energized and just happier than I have in a while. To me, I’m prioritizing the way I feel versus the way I look.”
“I don’t think I am a perfectionist, but I think I have perfectionist tendencies.”

Podcast Intro:
Jera Foster-Fell was born and raised in New York City, went to school in LA, worked as a graphic artist, then, to help her get over a break-up, started a fitness regimen that led her all the way to the Soul Cycle instructor podium. In less than 4 years, she has amassed nearly 200,000 Instagram followers by sharing her life, which has most recently been in flux. Her followers love her because she is raw, open and as willing to be unedited as she is capable of being sexy. She is changing. She is refreshing. She is on a mission to connect. 

Official Bio:
NYC Creator ✹empowering women to get out of their comfort zones and not take life too seriously Lifestyle • Fitness • Confidence Adidas Ambassador [more ...]

Biggest Takeaways:
What is a social media influencer?
> Value of repeating Soul Cycle instructor training
> Why she wasn’t scared of failure
> Taking her big risk toward joy
> How she is adjusting to her changing body
> The damage of comparing yourself to others
> Why we say yes when we know the answer is no
> Jera’s take on privacy in this day and age of social media
> How Jera addresses, manages and lives with social anxiety

Major Conversation Highlights:
How her dog Thatcher got the nickname “Spicy Grandpa”
Jera’s social media platform
Butt pimples A-Z
> How Jera generated more confidence
> How she decides on her next tattoo
> Deep stuff her followers share
> Best advice on ended something that you know is not right for you
> What tools and skills does she have that she is using
> Loyalty as a romantic concept
> Jera’s 7-line pitch
> Jera’s bravery role model
> An epic Spicy Grandpa story

Social Media:
Instagram - @jera.bean
Old Instagram (Jera’s art) - @bean_robin
Twitter - @jerabean

Science & More Info:
6 Ways to Beat Social Anxiety
The Best Social Anxiety Hacks for Any Occasion
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Additional Links:
Jera’s Website
SmartyPants Vitamins – Interview
The Bonafide – Interview


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