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#28 Kylie Ohlmiller - The Smiling Underdog

Oct 31, 2018

Kylie Ohlmiller.
Stony Brook University.
I work hard.
I have flair.
I am a dreamer.
BE a rockstar.

Badass Quotes:
 “I was doing something a lot of other people weren’t doing.”
“Are you going to play lacrosse DI? Are you good enough to play lacrosseDI? Those are questions that you get from the outside that start to just take over the inside.”
> “What can I be doing to get myself from good to elite?”
 “It’s tough to block out the noise.”
> “I practice to do.”
> “I’m a big believer in karma. If I’m going to do something that’s really just awful, I’m going to get it back in the end.”
“Now I know what it takes to get to that point, it’s going to take more to get farther.”
> “I can’t really picture myself as not a lacrosse player, as someone who is not trying  to inspire the next generations of lacrosse players.”
> “I’m chasing more. More of anything.”
> “Sometimes hard work is putting in the right time.”
> “I want to roll with the punches a little more.”

Podcast Intro:
Kylie Ohlmiller is one of the best lacrosse players in the entire world, graduating last year from Stony Brook University after a career that saw the program go from being ranked #70 in the nation to #1. She broke a 17-year old NCAA DI record for career points, and 9-year-old NCAA DI record for career assists. She is now dedicating her game and her life to teaching and inspiring the next generation of girls. She is the kind of superstar that feels like she is your best friend. She chases. She works hard. She expects obstacles and she demands risk. At Brave, we call that an underdog.

Official Bio:
Kylie Ohlmiller is the founder and owner of KO17 Lacrosse. Kylie is a Long Island, NY native who played lacrosse, basketball, and volleyball at Islip High School and Division I lacrosse at Stony Brook University. Throughout her career at Stony Brook, she was a 4x All-American, a 2x Tewaaraton Finalist, a 2x America East Conference Offensive Player of the Year, and the NCAA Record Holder for both Single-Season and Career Points and Assists. She is now a member of the Women's Professional Lacrosse League team, the NY Fight, and is a New Balance/Brine athlete. [more…]

Biggest Takeaways:
> Why her dream school was Duke
> When she knew she was really good at lacrosse
> Why her stick skills were her “thing” and how that helped define her game
> Why she committed to Stony Brook
> Superstars are self-conscious, too
> Where the fire of an athlete comes from
> How the behind-the-back shot become her thing
> Why she liked to break rules in high school
> How long it takes to get over a big loss
> Why starting her own business is the hardest thing she’s ever done
> How her family inspires her

Major Conversation Highlights: 
How she “crushes it” every day
> How she was good at lax - but not great - in 8th grade
> What is hard about high school
> Coach Spalina’s goal for Stony Brook
> Training body and mind
> What shakes her confidence
> How she adjusted her anger on the field
> Karma coming around within the game
> Why she can be friends with girls from Maryland (now)
> Why she would give up individual awards for a Stony Brook National Championship
Her passion for inspiring the next generation
> What bravery means to Kylie

Social Media​​:
Instagram - @kylieohlmiller17
Twitter - @kylieohlmiller

Key Links​​:
KO17 Lacrosse
Stony Brook Lacrosse
USA Women’s Lacrosse
WPLL New York Fight

Kylie’s Favorite Books​​:
Legacy - by James Kerr
Coming Back Stronger - by Drew Brees
The Daily Stoic  - by Ryan Holiday


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