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#29 Denise Wiggins - Made For This

Feb 24, 2021

Denise Wiggins.
Raleigh, North Carolina.
I will survive.
I am a trailblazer.
I will help 2 million women.

Badass Quotes:
🔺"It's not about me. It was the people connected to me. So, I always had to show up with excellence. I always had to pull up my bootstraps and my faith and say, ok, you had your pity party. Get up. Brush your hair. Wipe your eyes. And, go."
🔺"What is it that you desire? We gotta know what we desire. I knew I desired to be great. I knew I desired to own my own business. I knew I desired to be a millionaire. These are the things that I desired. I just didn't know how to do it. I don't want to work an average job. I don't want to just barely get by. I don't want to just make pennies. That's not me. That's not my life, Lord. What must I do?"
🔺"God is not going to come down and give you what you need. He is always going to send people. Connect with the right people and do not miss your opportunity."
🔺"Pride gets in the way. I was all pride out. I was all cried out. I was broken. I need what it is that you have. I want to know what you did to get to where you are. Can you help me? I need what you have!"
🔺 "I knew I wanted to be successful. I knew that if they could show me or give me the path to get started, that I could make it happen." 
“The hardest thing in my life was not being able to feed my children. And one of the most scariest times of my life because I faced that more than once. And I would always say to myself that one day, it won't be like this.” 
🔺 "If you do the work and connect and collaborate with people, your life will change."
“We are so afraid to share where we are. I had to be brave enough to say to myself that you are not alone. When the repo man came to pick up your car. Be brave to tell someone that you need help.” 
“So many women around the world are working. So many women don’t believe. So many women don’t have the courage that they need to go out and crush it. But, they have it but they don’t know they have it.” 
🔺 "My belief muscle is so strong, I could literally knock down the wall."
“The person in the mirror is the person that stops you from anything that you want to become.” 
“Will they overtake you or will you overtake the problem? I got knocked down plenty of times. I'm knocked down know. But I get up. I show up. And I serve.”
“It’s amazing how a tube of lipstick can literally impact the lives of women.”

Podcast Intro:
Denise Wiggins is a CEO. She has started and continues to run multiple multi-million dollar businesses including Einnaf Cosmetics, a global company that empowers women with great products, but also supports an ambassador program for any woman to drive her own business. Einnaf is Denise’s grandmother’s name - Fannie - spelled backward, and it’s not the only place Denise draws inspiration. All of her organizations put community - and community building at their center, in large part, because of the lessons Denise learned from her grandmother, lessons that helped Denise pull herself out of an abusive marriage, out of homelessness with three kids, and smack dab into a life she knew she was made for. With a belief in herself so strong you will feel it beating in your own chest, and a path to success that was forged in the face of fear, pressure and adversity, Denise will tell you how she did it. How she believed. How she planned. How she surrendered. How she got up. How she gave back. How she is ready, especially now, for the hard stuff that inevitably comes.

Official Bio:
Denise Wiggins is more than just your average businesswoman: she is a certified life coach, professional speaker, author, and CEO of multiple seven figure businesses:  and she has accomplished it outside of the traditional college success track.  Exploding with talent beyond the walls of academia, Denise Wiggins uses her compassion, motivating personality, common sense and keen business building skills to develop enterprises and movements that embody sustainability and endurance. Over the past decade alone, Denise has built 3 mental health companies from inception to operation, launched a cosmetic line, and founded a non-profit organization — entities flourishing with new age tools to employ , empower, and educate others.  [more…]

Biggest Takeaways:
▪️How Denise gives back to the community via a behavioral health company 
▪️Left abusive relationship with three kids and minimal money 
Knew she was destined for something great 
Began her entrepreneurship journey in Raleigh, NC 
Do the work, connect, and collaborate to change your life 
Understand you are not alone 
Do not hesitate to ask for help 
The role that faith plays in her life 
Belief must start within yourself 
She can teach others how to fly but not how to write
Positive affirmations she speaks daily 
How she works through setbacks 
How her children view her now after overcoming so many setbacks 
Learning to be okay with people not liking you

Major Conversation Highlights: 
🔺 Pulling from past memories to lighten the weight of COVID
🔺 Running a mental health business over the last year – 200 clients that couldn’t be seen in person 
What does Denise’s behavioral health company do? What does that mean? 
Moved to Raleigh with no money and three children 
Spoke with two strangers that looked successful and asked them what to do and asked for help 
How she started a business
Running 3 successful businesses
Never stop learning
Connecting with the right people to allow yourself to grow 
Employ, Empower, and Educate employees 
She is not a good writer but that doesn’t matter 
Denise has a heart of a lion 
Einnaf Cosmetics ambassador program for youth and adults 
Building a community of women to unite 

Social Media​​:
Instagram - @denisewiggins1

Key Links​​:
Einnaf Cosmetics
Visions of New Hope
Solo Moms Foundation
Executive Table Talks


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