Brave your fear.

#5 Cory Samaras Griffeth – Sister, Mother, Powerlifter

Jan 03, 2018

Badass Quotes:

“The bravest thing I ever did was cancel my wedding 3 weeks out.” 
> “I had to be sad. I had to be in my sadness” 
“I call them my fissues – food issues.”
“If I’m going to eat 5000 calories, I’m going to remember it.” 
“I love women with sculpted, gorgeous, beautiful, functional muscles.” 
“It will be a lot more than about sex.”
“I have 1 M&M and then I have 555 million.”
“I was born with this innate confidence.”
“She was a strong woman who took no crap from anyone.” 
“I powerlift my life.” 

Podcast Intro: 
Cory Samaras Griffeth is too much – she is loud, she is proud, she is everything x 10, including brave. She has been to the lowest depths of self-loathing and clawed her way out. She has been gaining and losing weight since she was a kid and now focuses on building muscle. She doesn’t just live her life, she powerlifts it.

Official Bio: 
Mom of two, a friend of many, sister of also many.

Biggest Takeaways:
What Cory’s darkness looked like 
What contributed to Cory’s weight issues
How extra weight – a “fat barrier” - provides protection
What the darkness teaches us 
> How food anxiety manifests
> How to do a pull up as a 200-lb woman
> How to learn to take a compliment
Reverse body dysmorphia 
Three ways she improves herself 
 What judging other people means for you 

Major Conversation Highlights:
 What anti-depressants and therapy did to help Cory heal. 
Why Cory moved home at 31 years old. 
How God’s intern messed up her love life 
> Cory’s food plan – slowing down and savoring 
> Cory’s biggest pump up 
> Cory’s 40 challenges for her 40th birthday
How protein changed her life 
> Why she was a B--CH as a teenager 
> Accepting help in your life 
> What “work” Cory has had done to her face
> Bravest person Cory knows 
> Cory’s 7-line pitch (46:45)

Social Media:
Instagram – Sauna Stories

Additional Links: 
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