Brave your fear.

#6 Jeff Namnum - Guy, Geek & Guru

Jan 10, 2018

Jeffery Namnum.
Washington Square Park.
I am curious.
I am loving.
I am brave.
BE still.

Badass Quotes:
> “I’m very rarely an “I”. I’m usually a “we”.” 
> “Can I actually go into Hooters?” 
> “That is when I panicked.” 
> “Ignorance is great because you don’t know that you can f*ck things up.”
> “It was totally, full-on, fear based decision making.” 
> “I know now that I was going through a depression.” 
> “I’m still thinking the only way I can make money is to get in my car is to drive to a place and go.”
“I am supposed to be able to take care of these people.” 
> “Now we are replacing affection with attention.”
> “A fixed point in time doesn’t make for change. I’m working on stuff constantly.”

Podcast Intro:
Jeff Namnum is a guy’s guy and a girl’s guy. He started in tech by taking PCs apart and putting them back together and was the Geek Squad before the Geek Squad was the Geek Squad. He learned the hard way about what happens when you grow a business too fast and because of it, he found out what it takes to start over … and over and over. Now he is a partner at Touchlab, a company that designs and develops android things, a man of strong faith, husband to Ruby for over 20 years and father to three kids. He’s made a lot of mistakes and he loves taking photographs of coffee.

Official Bio:
 Partner, Touchlab

Biggest Takeaways:
 What was/is “tech” 
> How growing his business busted his business 
> How he become unstuck 
> What to do when you get released from jail 
> How to learn to ask for help 
> How to have the sex talk with your teenage kid 
> What scares Jeff right now 
> How to engage in conversation with someone on Twitter

Major Conversation Highlights:
 How the layoff announcements after 9/11 offered him career motivation 
> Why he moved 4 times in 2 years 
> Why you always want to have car insurance - and good brakes 
> Why being mad at God is okay
> How he makes his marriage work 
> What it’s like being a father of a teenage girl 
> How his daughter is his relationship-building role model 
> How recognizing his anxiety helps to manage it 
> Jeff’s 7-line pitch 
> The coolest thing in tech right now 

Social Media:
Twitter - @namnum
Twitter - @touchlabny
Instagram - @namnum
Instagram - @touchlabny

Additional Links:
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