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#9 Nadia Lopez - The Great Disruptor

Jan 31, 2018

Badass Quotes:
🔺 “I’m brown girl, brilliance, born and raised in Brooklyn.”
🔺 “Great teachers just know when something’s wrong.”
🔺 “I just need a minute to breathe and figure me out.” 
🔺 “Our experience always drives our ability to connect.” 
🔺 “I wouldn’t let my mind be idle.”
🔺 “I don’t feel like fighting. Not today.”
🔺 “I create an experience within the school that makes them feel honored and worthy.”
🔺 “It takes a lot for these kids to win.” 
🔺 “Bravery can look like silence.” 

Podcast Intro:
Right now, Nadia Lopez is a middle school principal at a school she founded. She was on track to become a nurse through college and worked in customer service for Verizon before she even knew she wanted to be a teacher. Nearly 15 years later, at the very lowest point in her career as an educator, a time when she thought she might not be able to handle one more tough day, a post from a student quoting her as his inspiration went viral on Humans of NY and Nadia began to see the proof that her love, that her time, that her persistence, resilience, and fortitude were finding a way through the system, into the community and in the hearts of the very people she set out to impact. The kids. She is funny and blunt and so viciously and gracefully stands in her full truth. Nadia Lopez.

Official Bio:
As an educator, Dr. Nadia Lopez is pioneering a path of inspired leadership to show the world how under-privileged communities can beat the odds and create positive institutions that have a global impact. As the founding Principal of Mott Hall Bridges Academy, a New York City Public School, [more ...]

Biggest Takeaways: 
🔺 How the hardest time became the most pivotal time 
🔺 When people can no longer come into your house
🔺 Fear vs. Culture 
🔺 The importance of asking a kid: “What’s going on, what’s wrong?” 
🔺 Best reasons for becoming an educator 
🔺 Your job as a teacher 
🔺 How it got worse before it got better 

Social Media:
Twitter - @thelopezeffect
Instagram - @thelopezeffect
Instagram - @elevatedblk
YouTube Channel - The Lopez Network

Additional Links:
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The Bridge to Brilliance by Nadia Lopez

Teaching in the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Standing at the Precipice 


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